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Own History!

Secure Access to the Motherlode, the Chocolate Factory, the Bear's Den, and the Unlode

$91,115 raised

$100,000 goal

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1,161 Acres and counting!

Own History! Introducing the Bald Rock Recreational Preserve…
History is being made, be a part of it! Help us secure access to the Motherlode, the Chocolate Factory, the Bear's Den, and the Unlode! [Full press release here]

Conservation Alliance Grant Update
Thanks to all of our donors we have met the $40,000 fundraising requirement for the Conservation Alliance matching grant! This will enable the RRGCC to make a big $80,000 payment on the Bald Rock Recreational Preserve mortgage!

Our climbing community is everything! That's why we need YOU!

While we've taken the first step in purchasing the land to access the cliffs you love, the battle isn't over! We need your help to pay for it. Help us ensure access to these cliffs stay open and public FOREVER! We have drained our meager reserves and paid the down payment, and are applying for matching grants. In addition, we need your help! After a $10,000 down payment, the amount owed on the property is $225,000, and we have 1 year without interest on the loan. We want to pay that off as soon as possible so we can devote resources to all the maintenance costs that unavoidably accompany such an exciting land purchase. We are hoping to pay $100,000 in 2017! Any amount raised in excess of our mortgage will go to graveling the large, and often muddy, parking lot near the Motherlode and possibly creating a new parking lot near the Chocolate Factory. Trango, Title Sponsor for this project, made sure the RRGCC started off on the right foot with a generous $10,000 donation of merchandise and cash to fuel the fundraising campaign and encourage donations! Please note that these donation prizes were only available for donations received before March 15th.

The RRGCC is beyond ecstatic about this new endeavor, and can't wait to see what the amazing Red River Gorge climbing community is capable of! Please help us with this historic purchase!